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The ‘Betuwe Brothers’

The ‘Betuwse brothers’ Henry (23) and Peter Jan (21), living in a part of the Netherlands called Betuwe, are going on tour! They are traveling with their camper van and along the way they will visit partner organizations of ‘Kom over en help’ in various countries. In doing so, they are going to contribute by helping out where needed.

Day care centers

The day care centers in Ukraine are places where children from poor families receive a warm and nutritious meal, where they are surrounded by love, and where they learn how to take care of themselves and how God cares for them from heaven.

Henry and Peter Jan will visit the day care center of organization Emmanuel in Ukraine South. Many children grow up in vulnerable circumstances and miss their parents because they are working abroad. This causes children to have behavioral problems and developmental delays. To break this pattern, Emmanuel is committed to these children and receives them in the day care center.

The two brothers tell about their goal: “We are going to work as volunteers and hope to be able to mean something concrete for children who have to miss out on so much.”

Will you help raise a nice amount of money so that the tour will also be a great success?